March Madness

Well, big surprise, I haven’t posted anything in two months. I have been busy, but I’ve also fought with the questions of “what do I want to say”, and “how do I want to say it”? It would be easy for me to rip off a multi-page screed on the failings of modern society, but the internet is already well-stocked in that type of writing, so I’m kind of stuck in an evaluation loop.

Anyway, today is Basketball Day, the start of the NCAA Tournament. It’s a flawed spectacle, but a spectacle none the less.  I am a fan (and graduate) of the University of Kansas, so my memory is full of great highs and horrible lows experienced during this month of March, all the way back to 1984.

Here’s the wisdom of my accumulated experience: Your team will probably break your heart. Try not to let that feeling last too long. It’s just a bunch of kids in baggy shorts.

Enjoy the games!

PS: The diet is going well, I’m down 25 pounds.

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