A New Year, A New Me….maybe

I am 49 years old, and I’m feeling every single minute of it. So I’m joining the usual “time to get in shape!” brigade that forms with the dawn of every new year.

So far, I’ve hooked up the FitBit I got for Christmas and haven’t eaten any fast food today. (Hey, it’s a start, at least.) Once I get my eating habits straightened out and get through next week’s follow-up appointment with my oncologist (Cancer surviving. There’s a likely blog topic if ever there was one.), I’m going to increase my physical activity.

My goal is to get down to 200 pounds by September (from 252 today) and to get in decent walking-around shape. I’m chaperoning a high school band trip to Chicago in April, and leading a trip to a Boy Scout conference in Michigan in August, so I just can’t afford the knee and lower back pain that tends to accompany every day spent hoofing it around the mall or IKEA or what have you.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

And so this is Christmas…

…and what have I done? Not create any kind of consistent writing schedule, that’s what. But I would like to share one of my favorite holiday things….MST3K’s stirring rendition of “A Patrick Swayze Christmas”.


And calling back to my 70s childhood…..no Christmas is complete without something from the GI Joe Adventure Team!


Merry Christmas!

So you say you want some content?

Well, that’s too bad. I have too many irons in the fire to get into a regular writing routine. Which is funny, because I started this blog to break my old routines and get into some kind of new writing-based routine.

But do not despair, for the current irons will come out of the fire soon enough, to be replaced with writing-based irons. Then I’ll start blogging about my kids on a regular basis. And possibly food.

So just what is an Escape Car, anyway???

Funny you should ask….the Escape Car was one of the many accessories offered for the greatest toy line of all time, the GI Joe Adventure Team. Basically, it’s a funky little four-wheel scooter GI Joe could fold up and carry on his back.

Here’s some dramatic package art:


And here’s some less dramatic package art showing how it went together:


Hey, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world in 1972, but I was seven years old, and had yet to discover girls and music.  Today, I have a pretty extensive collection of 70s GI Joes and accessories, and I will eventually share some pictures, but most of it is boxed up. The unboxing is my plan for the post-Christmas part of this winter.

If you want to see more of this stuff RIGHT NOW, I highly recommend my friend Barry Kay’s site, ATGIJOE.com. If it exists, Barry has it, or once had it and sold it in order to buy other, even cooler stuff.

At long last….

….I have a blog.

And I’m using the escapecar.com domain I bought many, many years ago. Please be patient while I screw around with themes and colors and such, because I just don’t know much about this WordPress stuff.

Now for some content…..hoo boy.